What Is A Tactical Flashlight? And How To Select The Best One For You

A flashlight is an important accessory that comes in handy as you walk in the dark. It not only illuminates your way enabling you to walk safely down the stairs or in areas with obstacles, but it also helps you find out the source of the scary footsteps. You can also use it light up dark places and to find out what makes out the shapes in the dark and thus, walk confidently and with ease of mind. However, is a normal flashlight effective in keeping you safe as you walk in the dark? In most occasions, the answer is no mainly because other than illuminating the dark places, it does not offer any tactical advantage to help you get away from the assailant. If you are more concerned about your safety, you should consider buying a tactical flashlight.

Tactical Flashlight And Why Should I Carry One?

best 2016 tactical flashlightSo what is a tactical flashlight? A tactical flashlight is basically an advanced flashlight that is designed for tactical use. Initially, tactical flashlights were used by military and police among other disciplined forces, but they are now available for individual use. They are made of highly durable material and emit much more light than the traditional flashlights, which makes them suitable for low light shooting.

Although the tactical flashlight was initially designed for police and military use, it is a resourceful defense tool for the average civilian when armed or unarmed. If you are armed with a handgun, it will help you identify your target in the dark. However, even if you are not armed, a tactical flashlight can come in handy to help you navigate tough situations and even some life-threatening encounters. One of the advantages of carrying a tactical flashlight is that you can go with it to places that you cannot carry a weapon.

The other benefit is that it helps you identify threats. In most occasions, attackers take advantage of the darkness to steal. Shining a bright flashlight can help you identify the threat and eliminate the advantage of the attacker. Furthermore, shinning a bright flashlight in the eyes of an attacker momentarily disorients the attacker giving you an opportunity to get away. Some tactical flashlights also come with toothed or serrated bezel that you can use as an improvised weapon to strike the attacker.

Which is the best tactical flashlight to carry?

The Shadowhawk X800 is one of the most popular and highly useful tactical flashlights. It is built with only the strongest and powerful aircraft grade aluminum materials, which makes it more prominent and durable than most flashlights in the market. It also utilizes the XPE LED flash light technology, which is the most powerful and bright bulb in the market.

In addition to being tough and light to carry around, the Shadowhawk X800 tactical  flashlight also comes with unique zoom settings, SOS and strobe mode that you will find highly resourceful. The flashlight features 5 telescopic zoom focusing technologies that offer greater flexibility and art zooming. It also features 3 rechargeable triple AAA batteries that run nonstop for 100,000 hours. The Shadowhawk X800 XPE LED light bulb offers 800 lumens of power and it is waterproof enabling you to use it during rain.


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