The Many uses of Diatomaceous Earth, A mineral Rich in Silica

The latest research in diet has found that food is a kind of information that we consume on a daily basis. Food for the body that is. In the topic of food we want to bring you up to speed with the latest health findings and super foods that have been discovered.

Did you know that diatomaceous earth food grade is a top leading supplement for cleansing as well as maintenance of a healthy body? Before we continue with our discussion, what does Diatomaceous earth mean? These are the fossilized shells of water dwelling microorganisms scientifically known as diatoms. The diatoms are plants with one cell such as the algae or phytoplankton that mainly acts as the source of food for most marine creatures.

The Real Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

diatomaceous-benefits-reviewThe highly soluble compound easily forms silica within the body making it very vital within the human body. Some of the benefits of this substance include the following:

Helps in improving the health of your bones as well as stopping osteoporosis
The vitamin D and calcium are not sufficient for the growth of healthy bones. Therefore, the intake of diatomaceous earth can supplement your diet for stronger and healthier bones. For repair of damaged bones and re-mineralizing, there is need for more silica that you can easily derive from this substance.

Curing Alzheimer’s complications
After scientists linking the cause of Alzheimer’s to increased levels of aluminum within the human brain, silica is the best remedy when it comes to countering the high level of aluminum. This makes it very important in supporting neurological health within the human body.

Improvement of the condition of the lung and heart
High silica levels help in the fortification of the blood vessels with the body thereby minimizing on the effects of coronary and lung related complications. Therefore, you do not have to wait until your heart faces problems before running up and down looking for a surgeon when you can increase on your silica supplements effect intake for a healthy life.

Different Uses Of Food Grade DE

  • Acts as deodorant for fridges
  • You can have a small bag containing DE within your fridge in order to remove any strange odors from the refrigerator to improve food storage
  • The DE compound helps in preventing cereals and legumes such as maize, beans and wheat from going bad during storage.
  • Spider, tick, earwig and cockroach control
  • If you have been having a problem with any of the pests outlined then you should buy DE. You can use a hand duster to spray this compound into the cracks of the wall and these pests will be no more.
  • The compound has properties that can help in killing fleas from the carpets as well as pets within your home-

Where does DE come from?

Diatoms make use of the soluble silica or sand to come up with their exoskeleton or shells. After their death, the shells of these microorganisms find their way to the bottom of the ocean or any other water body where they reside for a number of years. Many scientists have alleged that millions of years ago, these microorganisms piled at the bottom of the sea hence forming fossilized sediments. That is how diatomaceous earth came into existence.

In summary, The diatomaceous earth industry has originated from diatoms after millions of years under the water has a number of health benefits and uses. The compound is good for healing heart and lung complications, strengthening of bones and healing of Alzheimer’s among others. in homes it helps in food storage, pest control and acts as a deodorant in the fridges just to mention a few of them.


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