Jeunesse Global Instantly Ageless Begins World Wide Distribution

Jeunesse Global is an emerging anti-aging and youthful science company that promises not to be another me to product line of advanced skin care products and health supplements. 

It claims to have already produced 32 new million dollar earners, has $520 million in global sales and pays out $276 million in total commissions in the matter of 5 years, which seems exceptional, but how does this company stacks against competition?

Well, the company’s website says that they’re world leaders in the ant-aging personal skin care market with more than 20 global offices and are shipping to more than 104 countries around the world. The unique Y.E.S (Youth Enhancement System) of the company delivers rewards in 4 passionate ways:

The company offers great emotional incentives to partaking the journey of being its distributor and having rewarding relationships with respect, trust and love as their guiding light. 

It’s all about looking, feeling and being young for years to come. They offer some of the best formulas with cutting-edge ingredients and breakthrough science that work and penetrate at cellular level to show results. Their products are centered upon longevity, health and renewal of cells for long lasting results. 

Company is determined to create equally beneficial and truly balanced compensation plan, and their Financial Rewards Plan is one of the best plans that offers good financial rewards. 

The business strategies and compensation plan fit very well with their program. They generate technology we’re in and offer platform where distributors can thrive in.

More about the Jeunesse Global Company

jeunesse global companyJeunesse Global is a young company founded in 2009 by two visionary medical scientists Wendy Lewis and Randa Ray. They both have managed to catapult it as one of the most progressive and innovative companies offering anti-aging product’s in global market.

Jeunesse Global company became popular by introducing its Youth Enhancement System, which is actually a set of high quality products that offer great results in rejuvenation, skin cleansing, lifting, moisturization, restoration, detoxification, etc. Reserve, Luminesce, Finiti, ProPectin, or AM/PM won them place among superior quality anti-aging formulas.

They also ranked 82 on the “Direct Selling News Global 100”, which is a list of best direct selling companies of the world. They grew by 93.9 percent in 2014. Asia pacific is the best market for the company’s products, but they’ve also achieved great successes in American and European environment. Jeunesse is also a proud member of DSA (Direct Selling Association) and has also won the ETHOS Rising Star Award in 2013.

Jeunesse Global Business Opportunity

Experienced or beginner in direct selling, any person can become a Jeunesse distributor and qualify for their lucrative compensation plan, also known as “Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan”. You can choose to work part to supplement your income or work full time by building it as your life time career. All depends on how much dedication and time you’re willing to invest in direct selling. You get paid weekly commission with many levels on which you can earn these commissions.

Commissions and Incentives
If you become Jeunesse Global partner, you’ll get paid in couple of ways. As a distributor any person can buy products at wholesale price and then resell them to earn 20-45 percent retail profits. Family members and friends are eligible for Preferred Customer Program without actually being a distributor. They will receive 10 percent discount on retail price through this program and this discount increases to 20 percent if they join Autoship Program.

Team Commission and New Customer Acquisition are other ways to get paid as a part time distributor of company’s compensation program. This is what most direct sales companies work with.

For someone interested in building a career the compensation plans of Jeunesse can be much more generous, and amazing awards are available at higher ranks: Customer Acquisition Incentive, Leadership Bonus Poll, and Leadership Matching Bonus. Company gives everyone the freedom to work from any location, without any schedule.