Dubli's Powerful Entrepreneurial-Based Online Shopping Systems

When most people hear about making customers, the first thought that comes to their mind is how is that even possible? Most people believe that one can only find customers and not make them.

Making customers can be tricky especially if the potential customer that you are targeting has little or no interest in your services or products or if they don’t have the money to buy.

However, with the help of a sales funnel you can easily make customers. You are probably wondering what a sales funnel is. Well, this article focuses on helping entrepreneurs understand what a sales funnel is and why it is important if you want a successful business.

While there are many different forms of internet commerce and online business conducted, it all comes down to sales. There must be a transaction in order for money to be exchanged and made in any form or fashion. Let's talk about practical and reliable sales operations and producing funnels to create value in the marketplace no matter what niche or produce/service offered.

What is a shopping sales funnel?

In order to clearly comprehend what a sales funnel is, there are three key terminologies that you must first understand:

1. Attracting Leads

A lead is someone aware of the existence of your business or someone you have decided to pursue as a potential client to your business. A lead could be anyone and everyone but in order to make effective sales you should have a process in place to identified qualified leads who need to meet certain conditions to become customers. Dubli focuses on using the simple method and partnering with brand name companies to establish a relationship and offer cashback rewards for using their toolbar and system.

For example, if your business is all about pet food then, a person with a pet is more qualified to become a customer than someone who doesn’t have one.

2. Purchasing Prospect

A prospect is someone interested in your products or services and who has some info about your company. In other words he is a qualified lead.

3. Buying Customers

These are people who have made a purchase. Those who make more than one purchase are called repeat customers. All these people fit into a sales funnel with leads being at the top and with a great percentage followed by prospects and finally customers who are located at the bottom and have the least percentage.

It is important to monitor how many people are moving down your sales funnel because this way you will know how many customers you have.

You should be guide by the following two goals when setting up a sales funnel. ( If you want to see a great sales funnel at work visit FgXpress and get an idea on how a successful funnel works)

1. The most important goal is to have as many lead as possible. You can get leads through the following ways;

a) Use of social networks such as Facebook and twitter

Use these social media platforms to advertise and inform people about your product and company. You can also use Google or Pinterest.

b) Blogging

Use blogs to share information about your company and products. People who like the content of your blogs will share the information on social media and you are able to reach a wider audience. To learn hoe to blog properly a program like ipas2 can help you learn how to advertise and increase visitors to your blogs.

c) Engage in promotional offers

This is an effective way to attract new leads. It involves giving out a product or service for free in exchange for their contacts

d) Use of mailers and cold calling

Telemarketing can be frustrating but it works in attracting new leads. Mailers are somewhat cumbersome but they work efficiently too in attracting new leads.

2. The second goal is to ensure that you have as many people moving down your funnel as possible.

It is important to have a sales funnel because it helps turn more leads into customers and helps you keep those new customers around. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your financial education and knowledge about starting a business, make sure you find a locally and geographically beneficial location that can be able to help you further understand how to create a stable cash flow online.